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Wedding clip

High quality wedding clip

High quality DSLR clip, shot in Eilat at a wedding. A combination of quality photography from the ground and the air. The filming of the clip begins with the preparations of the bride and groom, from there they continue to the outdoor filming and the event. DSLR photography only or a combined clip can be ordered. You can order video only or clip only. Go to the wedding photo package page to be impressed.

Wedding clip

Premium wedding photography presents you with clips with a combination of several cameras, from the air, and from the land. The clips are shot by the best photographers, the editing is done with the full cooperation of the couple. The choice of music by the bride and groom or by the video editor in case the couple leaves the editor with the decisions regarding the music and the like ..........

Integrated wedding clip

The future of photography is already here and premium wedding photography is updated, the world of advanced photography premium photography of your wedding from the air, aerial photography by helicopter with advanced stabilizer in order to achieve exciting, special and of course high quality results. You can create an aerial clip only or combine with DSLR photography and create a high quality wedding clip.

Wedding DSLR clip

Premium Wedding Photography - Wedding Clip

The photography begins with the bride's preparations in the bridal salon, of course we will also visit the groom during the preparations, the photography is done with the best photography equipment by the best photographers which guarantees the bride and groom an exciting, high quality wedding clip that will leave an amazing souvenir forever. Premium wedding photography.

קליפ חתונה DSLR

DSLR photography

The still cameras today also have video cameras, this photography is called in professional language DSLR photography which means ( Digital Single Lens Reflex) The advantage of these cameras is mainly their sensor which is more advanced and sensitive to color balance and more than that you can change lenses too easily Easier, higher quality and more special by lens type and aperture key.

Types of wedding video footage

Today there are different types of wedding video photography, DSLR photography, shoulder video photography, hover video photography and more .... Today the world of advanced photography and premium quality photography for weddings are proud to present you the next generation of video photography, aerial photography combined with quality DSLR photography. Results not seen so far in the world of weddings. Order a LUXURY photography package today that includes integrated photography ...

Hovering video shooting

Hover photography is amazing photography and adds a special dimension to video photography. Photography usually comes from a top angle. The shutter lever allows the camcorder to move smoothly and evenly and adds special shots to the wedding film from different and special angles. Do not give up hovering video if the garden or hall allows hovering.

Shoulder video photography

There are photographers who disqualify the shoulder camcorders completely and actually eliminate them at weddings, this step is wrong  And is not professionally correct. A quality shoulder camcorder gives a better quality response in some cases at the wedding and in low light. This is true for a better result to combine shoulder photo and DSLR. 

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