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Wedding photographers in Tel Aviv Article

To this set of considerations it is important to add the services offered by the wedding photographer and check which "basket" of products and actions are included in the photography package for which you will pay


What usually includes a wedding photo package


A basic wedding photography package, offered by most wedding photographers in Tel Aviv , includes a variety of services and prices range from six thousand to twelve thousand shekels. For this price, wedding photographers in Tel Aviv will provide you with two photographers, one for stills and one for video, who will accompany you from the wedding day morning, including the preparations, after which the bride and groom will start shooting at a selected location and end with photography (another stills photographer will join the evening) Of the event, until the last guest leaves. The basic package of wedding photography usually also includes discs with stills edited and processed, a clip, a DVD film of the event after editing and such without editing, a designed bridal groom album and sometimes also albums for parents


And what includes an upgraded wedding photo package


Upgraded and extensive services of wedding photographers in Tel Aviv will usually be expressed by more photographers and / or more design and / or more products that will reach the happy couple. For a few thousand shekels you can get many albums, bigger and more beautiful, wedding movies in HD technology, photography of hover video, and even aerial photography. Everything is, as always, a question of financial investment: if you are willing to pay quite a bit, you will enjoy a photography team of six photographers who will use advanced equipment for dream photography of your glorious event

צלם לחתונה בתל אביב

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Wedding photographers in Tel Aviv

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