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 trash the  dress | pre wedding
צלם לחתונה בתל אביב

High-quality, exciting and artistic pre-wedding photography. A team of professional wedding photographers with you throughout the day, we will start with romantic outdoor photos and from there to special and exciting humor photos

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Trash The Dress | outdoor photography

. Premium offer a day of outdoor photography combined with special and exciting trash photography

A special photo that will leave you with a souvenir and an extraordinary experience.

The photos are taken with love in professionalism and of course in chemistry with the couple.


Trash de Dres

High-quality Trash de Dres A set of special and exciting photos by a quality team of photographers, an exciting and fun photo day that leaves souvenirs and an unforgettable experience.

An experience of original Trash de Ders photography for your wedding

Interested in unique and experiential trash de ders photography for your wedding? We at Premium Weddings have an accurate solution with original, fun and unforgettable wedding trash photos, which we will perform with you as spectacular still photos or as an edited and professional clip video.


Trend Trash the Dress

The hot trend of daring trash de ders photography comes from the US, and aims to rebel against sacred cows and relieve the wedding tensions through experiential photography on special sites, where the wedding dress is soiled. The photography can be done before or after the wedding The burden of preparations and win an unforgettable souvenir that will commemorate the event.


Everything you need for trash photography

We have all the knowledge, experience and equipment to provide you with artistic and original Trash de Ders photos. First of course we want to get to know you and understand the idea and message you want to convey in the photos. In addition, we will help you choose a suitable location and create an experiential, exciting, funny and fun photo day. And of course, on the day itself we will be assisted by cameras and advanced equipment that will earn you an album and a quality clip that everyone will want to see.


Photo sites for Trash de Dres

With us, you can choose a day of trash photography at any site and place that comes to your mind. Usually the obvious choice for these photos is on the beach in the morning or sunset, with lots of waves, splashes, foam and sand. However, there are a variety of other well-known and original recommended sites for trash de ders photography, which can be inspired by a personal event in the couple's life, a shared hobby or a crazy and unique idea. Among other things, if you are interested in preserving the water element, you can take the photos at the Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee, on the banks of a river or in a pool. You can also choose other and unique locations like car park, factory, grove, residential neighborhood, vegetable market, tennis court, school, bus stop, abandoned field or any other site.


Ordering trash photos

To order trash photos for a wedding as an exclusive service or with a comprehensive envelope for all the photography needs at the event, contact Premium Photos at 053-4444-949. We will be happy to meet with you and provide details and additional information on the subject.

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