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Photographer for a wedding in Tel Aviv Article

After locating a photographer for a wedding in Tel Aviv, you must move on to the next stage in the production, which is no less important - training the photography team. It is important that you take care of meticulous instruction that goes down to the last detail. Please note: the photography team can dismiss you on the grounds that its members are experienced and already know everything. It is important that you make it clear to them and to yourself, that each couple is unique and special, each couple is a world and its fullness, and what meets the expectations of one couple can disappoint another couple. Therefore, an extensive and meticulous process of coordinating expectations should be considered


How to produce a successful wedding photo - step by step


First stage - introduction


During the first meeting with the camera crew let your heart speak: there must be chemistry between you and the camera crew members. At this point you need to get to know not only the "bosses" but the photographers themselves, the ones who will work in front of you on the big day (wedding photography starts in the morning and ends when the last guest leaves the complex). If on the day of the wedding you will be accompanied by photographers you have not seen before, the coordination of expectations is free. Even if messages were passed on to them from their managers - they would often go wrong along the way. Successful wedding photography depends a lot on the good relationship between the photography team and the celebrants


Second stage - building an action plan


The second phase will be dedicated to drawing up a detailed action plan. At this point you need to find out all the necessary details: Define what the photography team includes, how many cameras, what types of photography, how many photographers will come and who they are. Define hours - what is photographed, where you meet, what is documented, what location you travel to for the bride and groom photos. Define what you will receive at the end of the event - how many photos, how many CDs and how many albums. Understand well what the price includes (clip photo, bride and groom photos, event photo) and so on


Third stage - coordination of expectations


Introduce all members of the photography team to family members and close friends ahead of time. Tell the photographers what your expectations are: Do you want a solid wedding album? Pictures that will show the rush and the joy? Do you want a photo of each and every table or focus only on the bride and groom on the dance floor? And what about photos of the decorated tables and the dishes? Is it important to you that the event garden and the design be documented? Do you want to "waste" pictures on the desserts? These are all details that are important to isolate and emphasize to prevent you from disappointments. It will be easier for the camera crew to please you when they know what you are imagining and want, since for a defined and clear purpose it is easier to aim and shoot.

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Photographer for a wedding in Tel Aviv

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