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Wedding Ceremony Photographers | Article

Stages of the marriage ceremony

Wedding photographers know by heart the stages of the religious canopy so it is easy for them to document it, know where to stand, when to prepare for the close-up and when it is important to see the canopy in full or the audience. In fact, there are not many things that can surprise them and catch them unprepared. However, when it comes to a civil ceremony, wedding photographers can find themselves easily surprised because the civil marriage ceremony is conducted in a different and more original way. It may include long speeches by the couple, families and close friends, may include some symbolic act that the couple does together like planting a tree and all sorts of such and such elements. Therefore, it is important to go through the stages of the ceremony with the photographer so that he can prepare and prepare accordingly in terms of the shooting angles and the manner of photography of the various stages of the ceremony.


Even if you go over the rules of the ceremony with the photographer, he still needs to have some adaptability to what happens during the ceremony. When it comes to a traditional canopy, there is almost nothing that can surprise the photographer, compared to a civil wedding ceremony. Therefore, it is important to choose a photographer who has already photographed several canopies outside the rabbinate and has the ability to quickly adapt to people entering the canopy in the middle of the ceremony, documenting long speeches and documenting original acts such as engraving the couple on a tree.





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