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Photography from a different angle for a wedding  Article

An appointment or advance call

If you are looking for a wedding photographer and are wondering which photographer to choose, have a preliminary conversation with him first or even come to him for a meeting. In this conversation or meeting you will be impressed by his degree of professionalism and especially by his ability to best understand your needs. You will also have the opportunity to see his portfolio and be impressed by the style of photography he offers

Recommendations from friends and other customers

There are quite a few wedding photographers who offer their services, as mentioned. For those who are looking for a wedding photographer, it is worth contacting friends who have recently married or family members who have used the services of a professional photographer. If you have found such a photographer and you are unsure whether or how suitable he is for you, contact his clients and ask to hear from them an opinion about the service he offered and the photos received.

  1. Preliminary market and comparison between several photographers

Do not rush to choose the first photographer you meet. Contact a number of wedding photographers and compare them with reference to parameters such as the style of photography they offer, your chemistry with them, the costs and the like.

How much does it cost ?

Each wedding photographer determines a certain cost according to various parameters, including his experience, the degree of photography required and more. It is important that you check how much the service itself is expected to cost and what it includes. Does it include only still photography, does the service also include video photography, where the photography takes place and more.

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Photography from a different angle for a wedding

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