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Alternative Wedding Photography | Article

How to photograph an alternative wedding?

Photographing an alternative wedding is not fundamentally different from photographing any wedding, but the photography team should be required to the alternative structure of the canopy and be prepared for it. In cases of traditional and religious canopies, the photographer knows what to expect because he already knows the rules of the ceremony and therefore knows where to stand and when to properly photograph the exciting moments. However, in an alternative wedding the course of events is a bit different so it is important for the couple to go through the stages of the ceremony with the photography team so that the photographers know what is going to happen and plan the photography accordingly.

Also, many times at alternative weddings the couple's entry will be different, maybe longer and may include some act the couple does together (planting a tree or engraving on a tree). The ceremony will also be accompanied by speeches and perhaps artistic gestures; The photography team also needs to be prepared and ready for this, so as not to miss a single exciting moment.

In light of all this, it is important that in cases of an alternative wedding, the couple will choose a photography team that is already experienced in weddings such as these, in which case the photography will also be interesting and original and suitable for the couple performing the alternative wedding. This is how the editing of the wedding film will be built, and the couple will have a wonderful souvenir that will accompany them on their new path as a couple.





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Alternative wedding photography

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